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  • Unique shaving soap from Tabula Rasa
  • Scented with Cardamom
  • Infused with mango butter and argan oil

Kathmandu, Mumbai, Kashmir, Punjab. If the pulse, scent, and mystic of India get your exotic heart pumping, you will love Tabula Rasa Cardamom shaving soap. Great lather, good lubrication, smooth glide. If the hopes and dreams of a great shave get your grooming self going, you will love Tabula Rasa. 

Taking the shaving world by storm, Tabula Rasa is a unique soap/cream that offers an exceptional shave. Filled with mango butter and argan oil, it is intensely moisturizing. Containing a Swiss-made proprietary ingredient Stimu-tex, it is formulated for those with sensitive skin and allergies. It produces a dense lather suitable for multiple passes, and it softens and protects for a noteworthy post-shave face.

And it is scented with Cardamom for an exotic, spicy, long-lasting scent that will linger after you, entrancing the people in your wake. This unique fragrance will wake you up and get you going, and going, and going! 

From the smell of tandoori to the bustle of the marketplace, you can bring the exotic to your day - without ever leaving home. 

Size: 90g 

Made in Germany