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  • Unique shaving soap from Tabula Rasa
  • Coriander and Bergamot scented
  • In between a cream and a soap

Whether a wet shaving newbie or seasoned veteran, wipe your slate clean to experience Tabula Rasa. Unlike anything else on the market today, this German soap will redefine your shaving experience with its unique scents and texture. Shave again for the first time with Tabula Rasa. 

One new experience is the consistency. It is putty-like, not quite a cream but not quite soap either. This has caused some to quibble about the best lathering technique - face, palm, bowl/mug. Regardless of your choice to produce it, the lather is exceptional, creamy and soothing. The mango butter and argan oil provide abundant moisturizing. And along with the glycerin, gives superb glide and protection. It also contains a proprietary ingredient called Stimu-tex which aids in reducing skin irritations and makes it great for those with sensitive skin. And it has a lasting effect. With this soap you may not even need your aftershave splashes, balms, and lotions as it leaves your skin soft and supple.

It is scented with coriander and bergamot which might put you in mind of Earl Grey tea, which uses the bergamot scent and flavoring. A little bit spicy, a little bit zesty. This fragrance will get you up and going in the morning. 

Clear your senses for the mind and mood-altering experience of Tabula Rasa. 

Size: 90g 

Made in Germany