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  • Rich, luxurious shaving soap
  • Classic, masculine sandalwood scent
  • Gives a great lather with good consistency

For 3 generations, Tcheon Fung Sing has offered a rich, luxurious shaving soap made from a traditional Italian recipe. And if you are crazy about TFS soaps, then you don't want to miss their Crazy Sandalwood Shaving Soap.

Part of their Linea Intenso line, this soap is luxurious, rich, and fabulously scented. Their products are known for their great lathering and consistency, offering a smooth glide for your razor. The sweet almond and coconut oil give you supple and soft post-shave skin. And well-nourished, moisturized skin has fewer irritations, flakiness, or bumps. This grooming essential comes in a 150ml bowl that will last you a long time.

The classic woodsy scent smells crazy good! This is a must-have for sandalwood lovers. The pure, strong fragrance is creamy, woody, exotic, and slightly spicy. A truly masculine aroma! This one is a don't miss for true TFS fans! Or it might make you a true fan if you aren't already.

It's alright! Go crazy with your shaving addiction. Add this soap to the mix and you won't be sorry.

Size: 150ml

Made in Italy