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  • Shaving stand for brush and razor
  • All metal, stainless steel construction
  • Ensure proper drying of brush and stores razor

Here at West Coast we have everything you didn't know you needed to complete your wet shaving arsenal. Like this stand from Super Safety Razors. This family-run business, located in the Hudson Valley of New York, has been offering exceptional shaving products since 2004.

You might think razor, brush, cream, go. But as you invest in these exceptional products, you need them to last awhile. I mean, that's why you decided to do this wet shaving gig, right? No more disposable equipment. Well, if you want your utensils to last, you need to treat them with care. That is where this stand comes in. Old world quality, modern style.

Unlike other stands which are chrome-plated over plastic, this stand is stainless steel. It is 7 inches tall to ensure a adequate fit for most razors and brushes. Since brushes need to be dried with the bristles facing down to maintain their longevity, there is ample room in this stand.

  • all metal design with heavyweight base
  • ensures proper drying position for brushes
  • stores razor
  • fits all standard safety razors and standard shaving brushes (20-22mm brush knots)

Simple, functional design will lend life to your shaving equipment and distinction to your bathroom vanity. Get this Super Safety Razors Modern Shave Stand.

Size: 7 in. tall

Made in Pakistan