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Soap Commander Aftershave & Shaving Soap

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Soap Commander Aftershave & Shaving Soap Reviews
Soap Commander Shaving Soap Honor
Soap Commander Shaving Soap, Honor Excellent soap. Easy to lather, great cushion and glide. The 6 ounce size for the price and quality is outstanding.
Passion from West Coast Shaving
Soap Commander Shaving Soap, Passion A sturdy soap and a lot of it! Very nice lather. I would purchase more soaps from soap commander as the need arises.
Wow huge amount of soap, great lather great smell
Soap Commander Shaving Soap, Endurance More of a bay-rummish smell, lathers easily but needs a lot of extra water on the brush after loading. This container has 6 oz in it instead of the usual 4 to 4.5 oz with many soaps. This small artisanal producer and Navy Vet produced soap that can, IMHO, stand toe to toe with PAA, B&M, Catie's Bubbles and Castle Forbes.
Soap Commander Vision
Soap Commander Shaving Soap, Vision "First off, the scent is incredible...almost makes you take a step back. It really releases even more once you start building the lather. Lathers really nicely and provides a slick, smooth shave. Pairs incredibly well with the Vision aftershave balm.
Great soap ,
Soap Commander Shaving Soap, Inspiration "This is my third soap from Soap Commander,and this one is one of my favorite one, great performance ,like all them, amaizing slickness
Great Soap, great sent
Soap Commander Shaving Soap, Passion "I love this soap!!! Great fragrance, incredible shave and post shave feel. I shave with a Muhle R41 which a lot of shavers think is too aggressive (not true if you have good technique) and I think the Soap Commander soap gave good protection and slickness even with the R41. The Passion sent is one of my favorite so far of the dozen soaps and aftershaves I have tried. I would have given it 5 stars if it was cheaper. I have one soap I like better for shave quality and it's half the price.
Buy it again,,,
Soap Commander Shaving Soap, Honor "I would like to try this guy's other stuff...
If being motivated to try other scents is a measure of success, then Soap Commander Balm is a winner!
Soap Commander Aftershave Balm, Fortitude "I bought several different WCS products of scents I normally would not consider. Soap Commander Fortitude Soap and Balm was one. This particular scent is growing on me, not necessarily by favorite, the quality however is fantastic. I look forward to trying other scents of both the soap and my budget permits as I have become an DE addict!
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