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Soap Smooth Shaving Soap

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Soap Smooth Shaving Soap Reviews
Soap Smooth Shaving Soap, Versailles Great smelling and slickness wish they made an Aftershave like this
What a surprise
Soap Smooth Shaving Soap, Riez I received this soap free with my last purchase and i absolutely love it. It smells great and makes a great lather even with the hard water of West Texas. When i shave the razor glides across my skin and it leaves my skin feeling slick. This is becoming my favorite soap.
Soap Smooth Bordeaux Shaving Soap
Soap Smooth Shaving Soap, Bordeaux This is an excellent soap; somewhere in between a hard and soft soap. It lathers up very easily and there is very little waste that normally is associated with a soft soap. I purchased the brand thinking that it was a French product but happy to say that it is manufactured in the USA. It is an excellent value and easy on my super badger shaving brush.
smooth indeed
Soap Smooth Shaving Soap, Montpellier.Once again, Soap Smooth has impressed me. This soap is currently in my top three. Scent is mostly grapefruit, but cedar rounds it out into a nice fresh masculine scent that isn't too fruity. My favorite part of this soap, as with the other Soap Smooth products I've tried is the silky, slick lather. Incredibly soothing to the skin and performs at a 10 every time for slickness, hydration, and lather. I love it. I'm starting to think with Soap Smooth, you never have to worry about performance. It's pretty much a matter of finding a scent for you.
Flipped a switch in me
Soap Smooth Shaving Soap, Toulouse.When I first opened the Toulouse soap, I was incredibly disappointed. I thought it smelled like my grandmothers' candles, or my sister's shampoo. Just kind of a feminine fruity smell. I put it on the shelf and forgot about it for a while. When I came back to this soap and actually tried it, I stood corrected. The first thing I noticed was the lather just exploded out of the bowl effortlessly. Once wet, it seemed I opened up the scent and discovered how pleasant and unique it truly is. And when applied to my face, this soap was cushiony, silky soft. My favorite is the contrast between the tropical smell and the manly tobacco. This, combined with a slight menthol cooling effect made this soap one of my favorites. I believe I will continue to buy this soap as long as Soap Smooth keeps making it! A definite must have for me.
Smooth Success
Soap Smooth Shaving Soap, Lyon.Cannot remember what drew me to this soap in the first place... I prefer hard creams aka Croaps , so I must have seen it in the category. Simply put, I'm grateful I found this gem. The high sides allow any size brush to create a perfect lather, without spilling over. Easily this soap ranks up there with the best in a thick lather and slickness for two passes. The scent is not overpowering , but has a light linger not to undermine after shave products. I have semi sensitive skin, and felt the protection was above definitely average.. ( with or w/o preshave). It'd be wise to have this in your permanent rotation
The style,the scent ,the texture
Soap Smooth Shaving Soap, Toulouse.The style,the scent ,the texture ,everything about this soap is unlike anything I've experienced before, it's on another platform, I feel like its an investment in my life and from now on this is what I'm sticking to.
Accurate description....
Soap Smooth Shaving Soap, Amber.For this beautiful fresh scent. It lathers by just looking at it, no effort whatsoever, build mounds of thick rich lather that is very slick for a straight.
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