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Geo. F. Trumpeter Eucris
Geo F Trumper Eucris Shaving Cream Tube This product provides a rich lather that has superior lubricating property. The aroma is pleasant and subtle. It is my favorite.
Fits half of a shave stick
Twist-up Shaving Stick Containers, .75 oz This and the 2.0 oz. size work great for making your own shave stick, or making a shave stick more convenient to use. I drilled a hole in a Speik shave stick and it works great in the 2 oz. tube. This .75 oz. tube is the same diameter, but shorter, so it holds half a stick. I cut a Palmolive stick in half, then poked it with a chopstick before pushing it down onto the plastic shaft. Perfect, and more compact for travel. For another tube, I scooped out some Proraso “croap” out of its bowl and pressed it into the tube and pushed it down with my fingers and a chopstick. I will let it air dry a few days (it was a little wet) and see how it sets up.
Mystery box
Mystery Box I love it.
Being a relative novice on
WCS Classic Collection Razor 84S, Stainless Steel, Closed Comb Being a relative novice on other means of shaving that don't involve disposable blades, I started looking into a more "barber"-like way of shaving and came upon this razor. After trying it for a couple of months, I can say I'll probably never go back to disposables again. My skin feels much less irritated and very soft after every shave. I also haven't gotten any ingrowns like I used to with disposables.
Great quality, lasts forever
Lady's Choice Sample Pack All of the blades are a great quality and this pack lasts me over 6 months!
It' Back, and At the Right Price
Double Edge Blade "Bank" Some time ago, I bought a couple of these to use over several years. It takes the mental jiu-jitsu out of safely disposing of used DE blades. And, since one nice plus of DE shaving is their eco-friendly design (all metal, not encased in plastic like the multi-blade cartridge *du jour*), this blade bank, being metal itself, allows to safely toss your spent blades and, once filled to capacity (roughly 100 blades or so), just toss the whole thing in with the rest of your metal recycling. (Hot tip: take a channel-lock pliers and crush the top part of the bank until the blade slot is shut closed, making certain no blades slip out while being jostled on the way to the recycling plant.

If you're an itinerant wet shaver, buy two or three at a time: while the price has apparently drifted back to reasonable, you never know how long it'll stay that way.
Omega 636 Silvertip Badger Shaving Brush I just got mine in a few days ago right after I had already shaved. So I wanted a few days and just put it to use! Had to wright this review after. Iv only had 2 other brushes before this one. Which I can say didn’t hold a candle to this one! It’s awesome! Super soft and effective. Worth every penny in my opinion! If you reading this to decide wether or not to buy one. Let me save you the time. Grab it. You won’t be disappointed!
One of the best shaving
Proraso Shaving Cream, Sandalwood, 150ml One of the best shaving cream that I used. Great product
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