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Worth the purchase
Best Seller Aftershave Sample Pack I found that I really like two of the samples, Speick and Bay R**. American Blend is OK, and the other three are not for me. It's a waste of a sample to include Old Spice Original which can be found at local retailers and is NOT really the original that my father used, even though Old Spice promotes it as such. As many have stated elsewhere on the Internet, what is sold as Old Spice Original today is not even close to the Old Spice of 50 years ago.
Very nice!
Hand Thrown Lather Bowl, Light Blue Does the job at a super price!
Merkur 34C
Surprisingly Comfortable
Kent BLK2 Pure Grey Badger Shaving Brush, Black Handle My Edwin Jagger Super Badger had started shedding, and though comfortable was more pliable than I thought proper and beginning to feel positively soft. Looking through the alternatives I ran into this little gem. I was hesitant at first: the "pure badger" labeling and the description seemed to imply a lower grade of brush than the EJ. At the price point, though, it was difficult to say no.

OH BOY was this brush a good idea. It was stiff at first, but after break-in is only slightly stiffer than my old EJ, whisks up a solid lather in no time, and feels at once more stimulating and more soothing. I would recommend the Kent BLK2 to anyone wanting a brisk yet comfortable shave experience who has just a little patience for this brush to come into its own.

I am giving the BLK2 five stars both for its quality and for the price offered at WCS. Bravo, gentlemen.
Well worth it
Great Blade
DE Blade Sampler Pack, Everything Received the package of assorted blades a week ago, and I have tried only the "Feather " brand so far. It gave me a nick free, close shave for four shaves so far. I hope to get several more.
Feather D-2
Feather AS-D2 Stainless Safety Razor Love it, I used the D-1 for several years, best razor I ever had, it still looks brand new, and I shave every day, so I decided to try the D-2. This is for sure the best razor I have ever used. Anyone that has not tried a Stainless Feather, needs to ! And buy it from West Coast : )
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