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Standard Safety Razors

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Standard Safety Razors Reviews
Great Razor!
Standard Razors, Raw Didn't really know what to expect, but was very surprised when I received this razor. A mild but very effective razor when used with either Feather or Astra blades - I can get BBS heads shaves in 2 passes. Quality is excellent and blade alignment on mine is good. This razor "sings" like an extra hollow straight. I've used most popular DE razors and this one is the best I've found so far.
Sculptural Minimalism´┐Ż´┐Ż_
Standard Razors, Black "Art in simplicity!
This is creepy.
Standard Set, Raw "I've been programmed for a long time to look for heft and weight in razors. Merkurs are OK, my Edwin Jagger is better, and I'm grudgingly willing to give a very slight edge to the Feather that cost way too much and wasn't worth it, compared to the Jagger. I won't buy the Pils, because it's obscenely expensive. So why would I take a try on this Standard, that is billed as being very light? Who knows. It was on sale. I was intrigued. I was bored. Whatever. And today, it came. It's very creepy. It has no weight. It's like a plastic joke, except it's aluminum. I was going to try it out with a new blade, but I decided it would be a better test, if I used the blade I was going to get rid of because it's not so sharp any more. But I know how it felt yesterday.

Wow, does this new Standard work! The blade was much sharper than it was yesterday, and whatever angle they gave it was unbelievable. This is an incredible razor. It felt wrong to use it, because it's too light, but a razor is supposed to help a blade cut well. It's not just supposed to be as heavy as possible.

I gave this razor four stars, mostly because I resent that it's made in China. That's really it. It is without question a five star razor. It's the best one I own.
Top Notch DE
Standard Base, Black "This razor gives an awesome shave. Plus it looks cool too!!
Standard Set, Raw my kids purchased for me for dads day..very good razor
Top Of The Line Razor
Standard Razors, Gunmetal.I have been shaving for over 50 years now and have used all kinds of razors. In the past couple of years I run across Standard Razors and gave one a try. What an experience it was. At first I saw the gap and said to myself , this thing is going to rip my face up if I use it. I started out slow and couldn't even feel the razor cutting my beard at all. When I was done my face was so smooth that I couldn't believe it . This razor shaved me smoother than any other razor that I own and I have over 30 different DE's , SE's , Injector's and Straight razor's . After using this for a while and it's been over a year and a half and now I own all 3 of their razors . Each one gives a perfect shave each and every time I shave with them . I still use my other razor's but I alway's come back to the Standard Razors. If you want one of the best shaves that you ever had then, get one of these and you won't be sorry . Have a nice shave day.
A Standard of Shaving Excellence
Standard Base, Raw.The Standard Razor and its matching base have essentially converted me to a safety razor shaver after years of using multi-blades. It's smooth handle is complemented by a classic design - and the stand provides the perfect way to store it in my bathroom. It's something I plan on using for a lifetime. Highly recommended!
Get one!
Standard Razors, Black.To understand my review you have to understand one thing about me, and that is I love collecting precision-machined things. Whether its a camera, motorcycle parts or precision parts for my guitars, I am always shopping for something new. I always expected I'd wind up with a large collection of safety razors for that very reason, but I stopped wanting to acquire them after I shaved with this one. It is ideal! It was a gift from my son and, in short, I am crazy about this razor! It has excellent balance, the handle doesn't get slippery when wet, it looks so tailored and it works perfectly for me. I've tried a wide variety of blades (I still buy those to experiment) and have found, for my beard, the perfect shave with this razor and Gillette blues. This razor is simple and durable, it is elegantly designed and built, and you owe it to yourself to get one!
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