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  • Styling aid from Anchors Hair Company
  • Strong hold and matte finish
  • Your purchase gives back to a family in need

In a world of pomades, waxes, ringing gels, and chemicals comes a shining light to pompadour wearers - Anchors Hair Company. Founded in 2013 by US Army veteran-turned-hairstylist Ben Miller, this little company is making a big splash. With just a few offerings, they have developed a praise-worthy line of styling aids. And they give back, too. For every purchase of Anchors Hair Company Teddy Boy Matte Wax a family in a poverty-stricken environment is given a bar of organic soap.

This natural hair product is hitting all the right notes.

  • thicker than their original blend
  • offers a strong hold for all day wear
  • at first touch you can feel the quality. It works easily into hair and can be restyled
  • formulated with non-greasy organic oils for that matte (no shine) finish
  • free from parabens, petroleum, and alcohol

This is the perfect matte finish pomade - natural look with no shine. It works great for those with thin hair, as the application is soft and won't weigh you down. Includes carnauba wax for washable hold, grapeseed oil and vitamin E to promote hair growth, and bamboo extract for fullness and body.

It is scented with a unique cherry & mint aroma. Get the product that does it all. Get Anchors Hair Company Teddy Boy Matte Wax.

Size: 4.5oz

Made in the USA