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  • Light flexible hold perfect for taming frizz
  • Low shine, natural color booster, and nourishes hair
  • Water based formula infused with natural ingredients

What's your quick fix for a bad hair day? For some people it's oil, for others it's serum, and for the lazier ones a hat. You've probably tried all three. The trouble with oil is that it can give a greasy feeling, especially towards the scalp. Although serums have a better feel, they can be very expensive. But what if there was a product out there that was non-greasy, cost-effective, and at the same time nourished and styled your hair?

The Baxter of California Cream Pomade is an all-natural formulation infused with moisturizing and nourishing ingredients. It tames unruly frizz without the heavy feeling, gives your natural color a boost, and coats your locks with a natural low shine. Just dab on a bit, rub lightly against your palms and run through those stubborn strands. Whether you want to add neat textures, create disheveled waves, or just control your fly-aways, Baxter of California will never fail you. Enjoy trying out different 'dos with a product that has a light and flexible hold with a natural finish. Get your Baxter of California Cream Pomade today!

Size: 2oz

Made in the USA