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  • Gives a strong hold
  • Matte paste and low shine
  • Petroleum based and leaves hair non-greasy
  • Vintage cologne scent

The hair is one of the most prominent features that men possess. Whenever someone is asked to describe a man, this is often included in the description. It also tells a bit about the man's personality -- a more striking look may suggest a higher level of confidence, and that he's comfortable catching people's attention. To wear the look that will perfectly match your taste and style, trust Dapper Dan Matt Paste. 

This great hair styling paste will provide you the right tool to sport any style you love. With a strong hold and astonishing matte finish, any hairstyle is achievable. This won't leave a greasy feel or look on your hair. And it's hassle-free to wash out, even after a whole day of work. It also has a vintage cologne scent that is pleasant to the nose. 

Messy, one-sided, brushed up, trussed up - name and do the hairstyles you want for yourself. All of those can be done with the touch of Dapper Dan Matt Paste.

Size: 100ml

Made in England