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  • Light hold hair dressing for a natural finish
  • Superior shine for slick back styles
  • Coconut oil and lanolin for conditioning and softness

Murray's HAIR GLO comes in a pink and blue container, and it's good for anyone's hair. Coconut oil is the big thing right now, and there are actually sensible reasons for that. It does a great job of moisturizing follicles and really keeps them in line. That's why it's in this product; and blended with the other ingredients, this is excellent. It comes in a 3 oz. size, but that's plenty to go around. It's got a softening quality to it, so if you have a coarse texture, this can make it more manageable.

If you're trying to improve your overall follicle health, you'll need to treat them right. Good grooming tools are essential. Items like this one protect and nourish your locks while you're out in the big bad world dealing with sunlight, dryness, pollution, and other factors that tend to make your hair look rough. You don't have to use a lot of this, so you can just get enough to condition and not have a weighed down look, if you prefer.

Size: 3 oz/85g

Made in the USA