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  • Strong hold pomade to tackle any style
  • High sheen for a slick, shiny look
  • Petroleum-based, old-school recipe from the 1920s 

If you need a smaller quantity of pomade, Murray's Superior Pomade, 1 and 1/8oz is a great option. Murray's has an excellent reputation where this product is concerned, so you'll be happy with what you get. The 1 and 1/8 ounce size is convenient; and given how far a little bit of this goes, it doesn't mean that you're going to run out in a hurry.

Use this to give you excellent control but also to provide protection and conditioning. This formulation is strong enough to deal with fine hair. It adds shine and volume, so it actually works very well with that texture. It's certainly tough enough to handle guys with a forest on top as well, so it's versatile to be sure.

If you need extra protection, consider adding a conditioner to your routine. The good stuff doesn't make your hair look heavy or greasy, and it keeps moisture in, preventing your ends from splitting and reducing the effect of ones that already have. You should find that this product is great for making you look your best. This will hold up all day and all night, ensuring that the shape you want is retained reliably and in a way that improves follicle health.

Size: 1.125 oz/32g

Made in the USA.