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  • Strong hold for all day style 
  • Natural looking shine
  • Petroleum based
  • This pomade has a exceptional scent of citrus, black pepper, and lavender accompanied by cedar, sandalwood and musk notes. 

Personal style doesn't stop with clothes and accessories. It can also be expressed in the hairstyle you sport. Spikey or slick backed, your 'do says a lot about the kind of impression you want to make.This is the beauty of hair products today. If you want to try out a new do or if you like to sport different looks with your locks depending on your mood, you absolutely can. 

From the well-respected and distinctive fragrance brand, Penhaligon, comes the newly-launched Bayolea grooming line exclusively for men. They proudly bring the Penhaligon's Bayolea Hair Pomade. The masculine-scented pomade contains nutrients to both style and care for your tresses. After warming in your hands, work the pomade through your wet or dry hair to provide a healthy sheen. Combine with all the other Bayolea scented products in Penhaligon's full line of men's grooming essentials. This fragrance is a zesty, citrus led scent with a warm heart of cardamon, black pepper, and lavender resting on base notes of cedar, sandalwood, moss, and musk. 

Let your personal flair shine and turn heads all day with Penhaligon's Bayolea Hair Pomade. 

Size: 150ml 

Made in England.