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Suavecito Pomade

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Suavecito Pomade Reviews
Size Matters In The Long Run
Suavecito Pomade Strong/Firme Hold, 32oz can This product is used everyday because it works.

It helps me achieve the look that I am after,

The 4 oz container is great for on the road.

While the 32 oz has a permanent location in the bathroom.

The value is not just monetary.

The product gives me the dependable look that I am after day after day.

One less thing to worry about in my personal grooming.

Thanks for everything.

No complaints whatsoever.
Great soap as always
Barrister & Mann Glissant Shaving Soap, Rhapsody The soap is great like all other B&M soaps. I've liked most B&M scents but I didn't like this one at first, but the smell has grown on me.
Lives up to it's name
Suavecito Brilliantcreme This is some nice stuff. It has just the right amount of hold, gives a mild shine and leaves your hair conditioned... washes out easily too. I'm not a fan of most pomades because the hold is just too strong and doesn't feel "natural". I apply this to damp hair and it looks wet for the remainder of the day. It can be reactivated by dampening the hair. The smell is nice and doesn't linger or overtake any other scent you may be wearing. I smell some vanilla, citrus and a clean creme scent.

Nice going Suavecito, you made a really nice product, wish I had found this sooner!
Great shave, disappointing scent
Barrister & Mann Glissant Shaving Soap, Rhapsody This soap provides the same great shave as I've come to expect from B&M. Great lather, super slippery, great cushion and face feel. I only gave four stars because the scent is awful.
Believe the hype

I'm a big fan of Barrister & Mann shaving soaps to start with and Rhapsody didn't disappoint. The stand out performer in this particular soap is the glissant. It allows your razor to glide on your face. It feels like you don't even have a blade In your razor. Also, I love the way it leaves your face feeling post shave. You almost don't need any aftershave splash or balm.

This stuff is fantastic, one of my favorites

B&M soaps always have great performance for me, and this one is no different, it loads up quickly because its not too hard and lathers up very very easily even with las vegas hard water. The scent is very floral from the puck, when you start lathering it up you can get a hint of the other scents in there, and once you wash it away a completely different scent lingers, its a very pleasant and masculine cologne scent compared to the initial one you get from the puck. Definitely one of my favorites, hopefully the aftershave smells just as amazing.

Awesome pomade
Suavecito Pomade Original Hold, 4oz can "The only pomade I'll use. Keeps my hair in place all day and washes out completely in the shower. Smells great without being overpowering. Can't go wrong with this pomade!
Suavecito Pomade Original Hold, 4oz can "I originally purchased Imperial pomade based on the reviews. I've recently tried Sauvecito and found what I've been looking for. I like it much better due to it's holding power, but yet it remains flexible. Smells great and a little dab will do ya.
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