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Super Safety Razors Accessories Reviews
gillette altra not trac ll
Trac II Compatible Razor, Chrome thanks for everything it was a pleasure doing business with yuo
Trac II chrome handle
Trac II Compatible Razor, Chrome This handle has a nice solid heavy feel to it. It makes shaving easier by giving the razor a solid feel. I like very much and it was everything I hoped it would be.
TracII Razor
Trac II Compatible Razor, Chrome This razor has made shaving fun again. I love the balanced weight of it. I will definitely be using West Coast Shaving for all of my shaving needs
Glad I found this
Trac II Compatible Razor, Chrome "Gillette was out of their mind when they stopped making the Trac 2. It was the best and they only stopped because they seeked higher profits - more blades/more cost/inferior shave.

I am glad I found this. It is built to last a lifetime and the shave is super - better than my fusion and a fraction of the cost for blades. The handle is hefty which makes slicing through my beard like a butcher knife through butter. Why would anyone use anything else?
Trac2 Razor
Trac II Compatible Razor, Chrome "Mine does have the 3 rubber bands that gives better grip. This razor together with Personna cartridge gives me good shaves. However, the Atra (from WCS), can give me a better shave. But since this one has no moving parts to break, I feel more confident in taking this one when I travel. I just hope WCS will come up with a travel case for this Trac 2 razor with room for cartridges.
Trac II renewal
Trac II Compatible Razor, Chrome "I have been using the old trac II for as long as there was such a thing. I really like the feel and weight of this chrome clone. Thanks for coming up with this.
Excellent product trac ll forever
Trac II Compatible Razor, Chrome "I really am so glad I brought this razor excellent product the last razor all ever buy for a while I was using the coloionial conk handle its a great handle but I really think this handle works so much better I love the weight I love how it fells in your hands while your shaving the one I brought doesn't have the 3 black bands at the end of the razor but it works really great it shaves so much better then any safety razor u can buy I had a safety razor for 2 years then it broke so now I'm using this excellent product and I just love it I'd recommend someone to buy one instead of your all the 3 4 5 blade razors theses days that are all junk invest in one of these it's worth every penny I paid for this razor can last a lifetime and u can pass it on to your kids or grand kids this is the best razor I have ever used and I just buy personna twin blade razors and it shaves excellent please buy this amazing razor youl love it I sure do
Super Safety Razors Modern Shave Stand
Super Safety Razors Modern Shave Stand.Seems well built and looks nice. Only possible improvement would be a larger heavier base to reduce chance of tipping over.
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