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Synthetic Shaving Brushes

Purely synthetic brushes do not require any breaking-in period, dry quickly and tend to be very soft feeling. For those who do not wish to use an animal products, this is an ideal option. Many brushes in this category are colored to resemble badger hair.

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Synthetic Shaving Brushes Reviews
Nice brush
WCS Psychedelic Collection Brush, Gumby, Synthetic Nice little brush. I would prefer a slightly longer handle and more loft to the knot. The tuxedo style knot is very soft on the face and holds plenty of lather. I feel like the brush is slightly overpriced, even for such a nice looking handle.
Synthetic shaving brush
WCS Beacon Shaving Brush, Synthetic, Ivory Great brush. The bristles stay in place which does not happen with cheaper brushes. It lathers up quickly, and is easy to clean without pulling out the bristles. I would recommend this item to others.
Awesome brush unreal price a
WCS Beacon Shaving Brush, Synthetic, Ivory Awesome brush unreal price a must have especially for beginners like me
Great Value
Omega S-Brush Model S10083, Chrome Omega was always a great brand for paint brushes and that quality has continued in their shaving brushes.
Thanks for putting together a really nice product
West Coast Shaving Beacon Shaving Brush, Synthetic, Ivory After more than a decade using badger brushes, including many of the standard brands, e.g., Rooney, Shavemac, Kent, and others, I wanted to try one of the recent, improved synthetic brushes. My one-word impression? "Wow!" I regularly use Mitchell's Wool Fat, a notoriously tricky soap to lather well, and this brush made copious, excellent lather in no time flat, seriously, I probably loaded the brush for 5 seconds, and boom! This brush loads soap much faster than my badger brushes, and maintains that lather at least as well as badger brushes. (My still amazed impression is the synthetic brush might even maintain the lather better than badger brushes, although badger hair might retain heat a bit better.) I've used the brush for just under two weeks, so other than noting I've lost no hairs to shedding, I can't speak to long-run quality. For the money, though, this is a knockdown winner of a brush, that would suit anyone looking to get started inexpensively, or for that matter, anyone looking to get a great brush that will perform with the best of them. Actually, let me rephrase that: Regardless of the cost, this is a knockdown winner of a brush. In closing, if I had to quibble, the handle might be a bit long for me, but that's my personal preference, and plenty of other brushes have shorter handles and similar knots. So, if you're considering this brush, and the handle specs work for you, I unreservedly recommend buying it. If you're considering a synthetic generally, consider this review a review of the knot as much as the brush, and I equally unreservedly recommend any of the other similar brushes.
I received this brush as
West Coast Shaving Lantern Shaving Brush, Synthetic, Black I received this brush as part of a kit. I'm a woman and this was my first time trying a safety razor. I'm now a total convert and the brush is great. It got up a nice lather, feels nice, and is easy to handle. Generally the whole experience made shaving feel more like self-care and less like a chore.
Well-made, pleasant to use, and
West Coast Shaving Beacon Black Synthetic Shaving Brush, Black Well-made, pleasant to use, and reasonable—especially if trying a brush for the first time.
First brush
West Coast Shaving Beacon Black Synthetic Shaving Brush, Black Nice brush I think? It's my first one so I can't tell the difference. Pretty satisfied so far, used it probably 10 times and have no problem with it.
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