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Tabac Grooming Products Reviews
Tabac Original After Shave Balm
Tabac After Shave Balm by Maurer & Wirtz I live in Carson City, Nevada (elevation roughly 4,900 ft.) so a “traditional” alcohol based aftershave lotion is out of the question; a balm is necessary. I like Tabac shaving soap, so it was natural to try their aftershave balm. The product feels good going on the skin and is absorbed quickly and my skin feels nice and soft. I need just a little, a “dab” or “dollop”, the size of a dime or a nickel. I get roughly two months use out of single tube, so it’s fairly economical. The packaging (tube) is well thought out as the cap is on the bottom, letting all product drain down, meaning little or no waste.

If you like the Tabac original fragrance, then this is the way to go for an aftershave balm. However, I have used this product with Castle Forbes (lavender shaving cream) and Taylor’s or Old Bond Street (both lavender and sandalwood shaving creams). The Tabac Original Fragrance has lavender as a heart note and sandalwood as a base note, so the Tabac Original Fragrance doesn’t clash with products containing lavender and sandalwood.

Yes, I would buy this product again.
Tabac shaving soap
Tabac Shaving Soap Stick I like this soap. It leaves a nice gliding coat and keeps me from getting a rash. one of the better soaps i've used.
Great service wonderful products for
Tabac After Shave Balm by Maurer & Wirtz Great service wonderful products for your money
great masculine smell .my girl
Tabac Original Eau de Cologne great masculine smell .my girl friend loves it
Tabac Original Shaving Soap with Bowl This is my first go with Tabac shaving soap, I have only used it twice so far. It smells pretty good to me.,,,lathers easily ending up rich and smooth. I like it to the point that I will probably keep it in my soap rotation. Still a little early to give an in depth review.
Its Tabac for crying out loud
Tabac Shaving Cream One of THE classic shaving scents in an easy to use on the road tube. Great value, fantastic performance. Whats not to love about it?
Tabac scores
Tabac Shaving Soap Stick Wonderful lather and classic Tabac fragrance in a compact stick ready to travel. Thick, rich lather.
Tabs Shaving Cream
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