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Oral Care

A well-groomed man doesn't just focus on the outside. So while you are in the process of shaving, pomp-ing, moisturizing, and scenting, don't forget your mouth! Take special care of your oral health with these quality products.

Oral Tools
Oral Tools
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Oral care is extremely important for everyone! While we specialize in products to help keep your facial hair groomed and looking its best, what good is it to attract that special someone if once she gets close she is hit with dragon breath. Check out our line of oral care products to make sure when that special someone gets close, she won't want to run! We have great, high quality products to not only make is easier, but also more enjoyable. Check out our extensive line of toothpastes in unique and fun flavors, toothbrushes made from high quality materials and mouthwashes.

Oral Care Reviews
This is the best by far
Marvis Toothpaste, Amarelli Licorice It's the best tooth paste I ever used the taste thee freshness that it leaves is simply ''marvelous'
Great toothpaste
Marvis Classic Strong Mint Toothpaste The Marvis Classic Strong Mint toothpaste has an invigorating flavor that leaves your mouth feeling clean and fresh. It is definitely worth the price.
Great Tool
Pre de Provence Tube Roller Key
Pre de Provence Tube Roller Key This is helpful in getting to that last little bit of product packaged in a plastic squeeze tube. (You'd be surprised "how much" is left inside sometimes!) Thanks.for the very quick shipping.
Shaveing tube key
Pre de Provence Tube Roller Key "My first order with wcs I bought one key, my second order I bought three more. I use for my shaving cream tubes and toothpaste tube. Wish I knew about these keys a long time ago.
Pre de Provence Tube Roller Key "I bought 13 roller keys. So simple but useful. I am an oil painter and use expensive oil paints. Also I use diaper rash ointments on my patients also fairly expensive. These keys are saving me a lot of money. Your sale people need to expand these keys to artist suppliers and health care suppliers. As soon as you have more keys available, I will be buying more. I want a key on all my oil paint tubes so to keep the contents together and fresh. Thank you for this great simple tool.
I like it
Marvis Jasmine Mint Toothpaste "Pros:Works well.

Tastes good.

Scent is tasteful and sticks for several hours.

Cons: Cost is slightly higher than the stuff from wallyworld.

Nothing obviously special.

Not a lot of data from long term use
Bigelow Natural Bristle Toothbrush review
Bigelow Natural Bristle Toothbrush "The Bigelow Natural Bristle Toothbrush is a very nice toothbrush. Wide head and very soft bristles. I like the tortoise shell color as well.
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