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  • Leaves behind sparkling white and healthy teeth
  • Fights tooth decay and eliminates plaque
  • 3 different flavors in convenient travel size

Marvis is a revolution in a decidedly staid and prosaic every day grooming need: toothpaste. You might not think your toothpaste needs improving until you sample a Marvis masterpiece. Their formula creates a dense, compact texture, maximum protection, fresh sensation, and extraordinary whitening. With this wonders of the world, you can sample three of their popular flavors -- from around the globe. Let your toothpaste take you on an adventure from city to country, desert to ends unknown.

This toothpaste contains sorbitol and glycerin base, substances that fight tooth decay by strengthening teeth and gums. They also aid in eliminating plaque. With continuous use, you can prevent build-up that cause cavities, tartar, and gum disease. The cool blend of flavors refreshes breath and gives the spicy sweet flavor bursting in the mouth with every use.

  • Royal: Inspired by the elegant and luxurious trips on the orient express, this grooming essential combines zesty Italian lemon oil with rose extract and nutmeg and refreshing mint.
  • Rambas: Can you feel the rhythm of the steel drums beating? This paste presents a fruity, velvety taste like sipping a cocktail on a beach. Blend of ripe peach, sweet pineapple, and a hint of alphonso mango mixes perfectly with a refreshing mint for a taste of the islands.
  • Karakum: Imagine a journey from the resort of the Black Sea, through the dusty Mongolian desert, to the exotic edges of Eastern China. Let this grooming requisite take your hygiene to a new level. The finest peppermint blends with the sweetness of orange juice and enchanting cardamom for exotic spicy-ness.

Size: 3 tubes - 1.3oz/25ml each

Made in Italy.