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Traditional Straight Razors

When you are committed to going "old-school" with your shave, then you probably want to look to a straight. These edges are loved for their closeness and longevity.

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If you imagine yourself with a blade, a honing strop, and a mirror nailed to a tree, then you are probably ready to shave the "cut throat" way. Traditional straight razors just scream testosterone. While the initial investment in razor and strop can set you back a bit, you more than recoup the expense when you never have to buy another over-priced cartridge again. The time spent in honing your technique as well as your blade is worth the pay-off when you can get the closest shave of your life.

Traditional Straight Razors Reviews
Happy to have this one
Dovo Diamant 5/8" Straight Razor with Black Blade Got my razor today used it straight out of the box it done great very good deal
Nice but not shave ready
WCS Black Straight Razor, 5/8 Carbon Steel Good quality, weight and feel for this razor. Says it will be shave ready when ordered - and the option to have it honed shave ready is not made available at purchase. I stropped it 60 laps before shaving. But it didn't cut hairs on my face hardly at all. Same sound and effect as dragging a putty knife over one's face. I honed with compound on a balsa strop and got a good edge on it now.
Excellent product
WCS Olive Wood Straight Razor, 5/8 Carbon Steel I had been wanting to buy a nicer straight razor for some time, and WCS’s release of their line made that possible for a decent price. The razor I received was absolutely marvelous as far as quality, both aesthetically and functionally. This is a beautiful piece that shaves well. It also comes with a leather sleeve for storage. The razor is minimally adorned, and the branding marks do not stand out, which, for me, is a plus. The purchasing and shipping experience was standard as far as WCS goes, my order arrived on time, with no hassle. If you’re on the fence about WCS’s straight razors, don’t be, they’re great.
Mike G
Dovo 6/8" Straight Razor with Black Handle Great razor, was really sharp having been professionally honed.
WCS Ebony straight razor
WCS Ebony Wood Straight Razor, 5/8 Carbon Steel Nice razor, sharp out of the box,well made and balanced. I look forward to using it for years to come.
Great quality products
WCS Black Straight Razor, 5/8 Carbon Steel The products with this kit are high quality. I am new to straight razors and am very impressed with the quality for the price. Packing needs improvement as one of the aftershave shave sample broke in shipping and leaked throughout the box.
Beautiful and gets the job done
Dovo Diamant 5/8" Straight Razor with Black Blade Thrilled about the esthetics, handle and sharpness!
This is my first straight
Dovo Forestal 5/8" Straight Razor with Cocobolo Wood Scales This is my first straight razor after 1 year of double edge, and several years of multi blades razors. This is a complete new experience. The Dovo Forestal is a great razor, comes really sharp with the honing option, ready to shave ! Looks like a razor to keep and use for a long time. The Dovo box on the other hand looks a bit cheap for the price of the razor.
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