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Vulfix Shaving Cream

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Vulfix Shaving Cream Reviews
Excellent product
Vulfix Luxury Lavender Shaving Cream The equal of any other shave cream. I like I soft cream and this is amazing! It whips up quickly and does an exemplary job of lubricating the face, softening the whiskers and leaving a pleasent scent. I was surprised and will purchase this again.
Best shave cream
Vulfix Luxury Lavender Shaving Cream I have used them all over the years, and the Vulfix creams are, in my opinion, the best value. I like the lavender scent and come back to it again and again.
Keep going back!
Vulfix Luxury Sandalwood Shaving Cream "I keep trying other creams and keep going back. Always smooth comfortable shave.
Product improved
Vulfix Luxury Sicilian Lime Shaving Cream "I have been buying this for awhile now because it has the best lime scent of any shaving cream I??ve found (even though the scent comes from limonene and linalool???there isn??t a drop of genuine lime oil in it). It??s a great fragrance. The first couple I bought were (as alluded to in some of the other reviews) too watery. But that hasn??t been a problem since. Those first ones may have been from a batch that wasn??t stored/handled properly somewhere in the manufacturing/transportation process. The most recent ones lather up nicely, though I still prefer foam from a can just because it??s quicker, easier, and more efficient. But Gillette is the only company that makes lime shave foam in a can, and I won??t buy Gillette products.
Vulvix Persian Musk Shaving Cream
Vulfix Luxury Persian Musk Shaving Cream Great Smell, Great Lather, Lasts a Long Time

Try It You'll Like it!
The Best
Vulfix Luxury Sandalwood Shaving Cream I have been wet shaving with a brush for over 55 years. Although I am not a fan of the scent of the sandalwood shaving cream, this Vulfix cream is the best cream or soap that I have ever used a smoother, faster, and more comfortable shave than GF Trumper or TOBS.
Very Good Shave Cream
Vulfix Luxury Sandalwood Shaving Cream.I bought this based on some of the reviews here and I am glad that I did. It whipped up a nice thick creamy lather in no time at all and it held up without dissipating at all on my face. The razor glided through the shave like butter and had no drag during the shave. The scent was very good during and after , not too strong but just right. This is a very good shave cream and well worth the price which is actually a margin. Thank's a lot WCS for a fine product.
Awesome product and service!!
Vulfix Luxury Sandalwood Shaving Cream.Awesome product and service!!
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