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West Coast Shaving After Shave Colognes

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West Coast Shaving After Shave Colognes Reviews
No. 1 Gatsby
#1 Gatsby Aftershave Cologne I purchased this blind after reading the reviews, and they did not lie! Not too strong, classic alcohol base but long lasting scent. I am a fan!
silk road aftershave
#8 Silk Road Aftershave Cologne Like very well, but does not last very long
I love it! My favorite
#1 Gatsby Aftershave Cologne I love it! My favorite alcohol based aftershave
Wow blown away
#8 Silk Road Aftershave Cologne Well ordered the sample pack and tried it after a shave on a relaxed week end - ended up loving the fragrance and buying it too !!! Well would be great if the bottle could be bigger .. :-) !
Great Scent to start the day!
#1 Gatsby Aftershave Cologne This is a refreshing scent that reminds me of a bygone era. It is light and yet lasts a long time. It is subtle and yet it gives me a feeling of being complete. I also like that it is a splash and can be applied with my hands. All in all, I rate it as a Home Run, by the West Coast Shaving team.
Great smell and lather
Sequoia Soap and Aftershave
#14 Sequoia Shaving Soap & Aftershave Cologne Set A fine product and a nice scent, long lasting but not pesky scent!
Great scent
#14 Sequoia Aftershave Cologne I’m using this as a cologne, not an aftershave (I’m not shaving right now). I was intrigued by the WCS article about scents classified as “bouquets fougeres,” and this was a new and affordable option mentioned in that article. New to scents, I don’t really have a good idea of what a “mossy” scent is, which is what these are described as. All that said, I love it. Awesome scent for fall. Not very long lasting, I don’t think, but I think it lasts just as long as other aftershaves I have. Highly recommended.
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