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West Coast Shaving Artisan Line

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West Coast Shaving Artisan Line Reviews
Classic Performance
#1 Gatsby Shaving Soap Let soap bloom while I showered. Brush loaded almost instantly. I had overflowing rich lather in my bowl effortlessly. Great classic scent , not too strong , just right. Nice and slick and very protective. I rated my shave a BBS 10 ... I used a post shave splash but you don't even need it. Post shave is that good. Oh , just a note, I had so much lather left after 3 passes , I could have shaved my dog ...
#1 Gatsby Aftershave Cologne i asked my wife what she thought of gatsby-she said it was a refreshing scent and i agree i have been using it every day, and i dont get tired of it --Thank You
#17 Rum Runner Shaving Soap This soap is simply great. Helps the razor glide over skin smoothly, and smells great. Only comment is that it is quite a bit thicker than my other soaps and tends to clog the razor slightly so rinse and shake often.
WCS shave cream Sampler Pack
West Coast Shaving Sample Pack Good deal to get to try out the soaps and figure out the scents. I'm really into just the right scent so buying stuff online is always a little bit of a gamble. I tried them all once, found the one I liked, and the rest will make great weekend travel supplies.
Wow, just wow!
#1 Gatsby Shaving Soap & Aftershave Cologne Set This is truly my favorite soap + AS combo. The soap loads easily and makes a fantastic lather once you give it water... lots of water. The scent is truly amazing. A little disappointed in the longevity but it is an aftershave after all. I hope they make a cologne out of this!
Good Scent
#1 Gatsby Aftershave Cologne I like the scent it is complex and I get quite a bit of Vetiver on the dry down. The scent strength is medium.
Good Sampling
West Coast Shaving Sample Pack This was a good sample of all 4 of their new fragrances. The quantity of lotion was also good because it allowed several uses of each after shave, in order to get a good idea of how the after shave smelled at first and over time on your skin. I also liked the fact that the lotions were in spray containers, for ease of application. Over all it was a good sampling of West Coast Shaving's products and well worth the cost, in order to avoid a blind purchase.
Not sure? Try it!
West Coast Shaving Sample Pack So West Coast Shaving has released a line of shaving soaps and aftershave/cologne, great. But there are going to be guys like me who need to use it before making up their mind. The sample packs are just the ticket. The soaps smell great and lather up well, it was a great shave experience and with the matching aftershave sample pack. I received several compliments from my female co-workers with each fragrance. Ultimately I'm going to get the Gatsby fragrance next time I shop but there's something in here for just about every guy.
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