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West Coast Shaving Bowls & Stands

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West Coast Shaving Bowls & Stands Reviews
Hand Thrown Lather Bowl, Spring Green The hand thrown Spring Green Lather Bowl is simply nice! It may not sound like a big deal, but it looks nice and does the job! Also, there is something to be said about using something that was hand made by a person, as opposed to an automated assembly line.
Very nice!
Hand Thrown Lather Bowl, Light Blue Does the job at a super price!
Hand Thrown Lather Bowl, Nutmeg Brown
Hand Thrown Lather Bowl, Nutmeg Brown The bowl has worked wonderfully for me. I'm able to hold the bowl securely in my hand, which along with the design of the bowl, enables me to create a thick lather.
Nice stand
West Coast Shaving Stand 317, Chrome A very nice stand for the price. Looks great, only slightly let down by quality.
Awsome produce
Beautiful bowl
Hand Thrown Lather Bowl, Two-Toned Blue Beautiful hand made bowl. Works great for lathering.
Must Have
Hand Thrown Shaving Scuttle, Green and Blue I had looked at many shave scuttles and not found the one that impressed me. This was my choice and I'm very happy with it. The nice earthy look blends with any decor. I submerge it in a sink of very hot water while I prep. Then I dump the water and refill with hot water. It is very easy to make a nice bowl of lather, I tried a few soaps and had good results with all of them. Having warm lather on your face helps soften and hydrate your whiskers. It's a comfortable shave you will quickly get used too. My only suggestion is to use a brush that holds a lot of lather. Scuttle bowls are a bit smaller by design, I used an Omega 48 and there was tons of lather for three plus passes. This scuttle is well made of heavy pottery to hold the heat. It will last a lifetime, if you don't drop it. I highly recommend this item.
this stand works perfect-i knew
West Coast Shaving 302 Straight Razor Stand, Chrome this stand works perfect-i knew it would-so far everything i have purchased has been great --Thank You
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