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Artisan Safety Razor Collection

We worked with Brian from Charcoal Goods to create a Made in the USA, Stainless Steel, CNC line of safety Razors. No detail was spared from the design of the handles to the packaging that it comes in.

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It doesn??t get better than this! West Coast Shaving has teamed up with Brian Twilley from Charcoal Goods to design a line of stainless steel, CNC, made-in-the-USA safety razors. Here??s the story: Brian is an awesome guy. When we discovered his razors, we reached out to him to see how we could collaborate to create something with his artisan design at a more affordable price point. Brian was all in. So with his masters in Fine Arts, he designed some handles with some west coast inspiration, and we found the manufacturers to make large quantities at a better price point. Welcome the Artisan CNC line of WCS safety razors.

Each razor is made through the CNC (Computer Numerical Control) process. This means that every piece of the razor is made precisely to our specifications. The razors are cut down from single pieces of stainless steel instead of being cast from a liquid metal, which means the metal itself is flawless and stronger. The heads are made to the same geometry as Charcoal Goods heads and are known to be moderately aggressive. There was no detail spared in making this razor. It is truly a work of art.

From start to finish this razor is made right in the American heartland. Even the box that it comes in is crafted in Wisconsin. The walnut and aspen box doesn??t only display that razor attractively, it can even double as a travel case.

Artisan Safety Razor Collection Reviews
Great razor and handle
El Capitan CNC Safety Razor I get a mild but efficient shave with his razor. The short handle and it's upper grip work well for me. This razor will stay in my rotation.
Better than my adjustable Merkur
Hyperion CNC Safety Razor Best razor I have ever used. I thought I was crazy to buy such an expensive razor, but shaves great. Worth the cost. Asked my wife about it and she said go ahead and get it. I think she gave the approval because she wants a new handbag and a good excuse for her to buy something too. Not an aggressive shave which is what I like.
Better than a Feather razor
Hyperion CNC Safety Razor I have the Feather razor, but I found it to be too mild for my taste. This Hyperion razor is a bit similar, but a couple of notches more aggressive, which is much better.

It is very well made. I is a touch heavier than I’d like, but is well balanced. The CNC grooves create a nice grip.

Currently this is my favorite razor. A bit pricy, but I like it.
Best razor yet
Hollywood Palm CNC Safety Razor Thank you for making a premium razor at a good price. I have always had a problem at the corners of my jaw and never could get a good clean shave there. Until this razor. It’s so effective and not aggressive at all. I can do a 4 pass if I want without killing my skin. But not mild to the point that it doesn’t cut. It’s hard to explain compared to the $35 razors I’ve had. This is in a whole other league. Thank you wcs for this razor.

Oh and the packaging...awesome.
Excellent Quality and craftminship razor
El Capitan CNC Safety Razor This razor ectemely well made and offers a very close comfortable shave. The design, the presentaive box are first rate. Nice balance and weight of this razor.Customer servive is always great.
Excellent Razor
Hyperion CNC Safety Razor I love the smooth action of his razor. It gives a close shave without nicks and cuts. Furthermore, its low profile allows access in tight spots like under and around the nose.
Great Daily Shaver
El Capitan CNC Safety Razor I received this razor as a Fathers Day gift and have been using it ever since. I have many razors and my prior "go to" was a boutique razor that is highly rated and cost about $100 more. This El Capitan is a much milder razor, and shaves best with a different (shallower) angle. Once I got the angle right I found this to be every bit as good as my boutique razor and it's FAR more forgiving. After nearly 3 months, I've yet to get a nick. Most of my razors have longer handles, but the weight, balance and knurling are perfect with this one.
Superb Razor
Hollywood Palm CNC Safety Razor This is a great razor and the perfect length. Glad I went with this one and is worth the price. Had been using the EJ Chatsworth razor for several years. This is a little heavier but a very easy transition. Works perfect with the WCS 312 stand that was recommended. Very well made and the wooden box that it comes in adds to the top notch craftsmanship of this product. Highly recommend. Fast delivery to the Chicago area.
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