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WCS Basic Safety Razors

WCS Basic Safety Razors Reviews
West Coast Shaving Put A Ring on It Safety Razor, Open Comb "I like this razor. Feels expensive,although it was not. Love the open comb. Close shave!
Glad to give it a swirl
West Coast Shaving Give It A Swirl Safety Razor "Bought this razor for my wife. She is new to safety razors. She likes it.
Very Nice Razor For The Price
West Coast Shaving If You Build It Safety Razor "I saw a previous review on this one and at first glance I agree that it was a bit rough but once I tried a different blade it was a lot smoother. This is the type of razor where the blade makes a big difference but I would definitely recommend this one.
Decent Razor at a Bargain Price
West Coast Shaving Put A Ring on It Safety Razor, Open Comb The West Coast Shaving ???Put a Ring On It?? DE safety razor (Item # RZ-WCS-209) is a decent razor at a bargain price. As one would expect, this open-comb razor is more aggressive that its closed-comb cousins. If you have never used a closed-comb razor, proceed with caution. Too much pressure or poor technique will definitely result in an unpleasant shaving experience. This is true of most closed-comb razors in the hands of the uninitiated, and this one is no exception. I found the weight and balance of this razor to be better than I expected from a bargain-priced DE. Fit and finish were also better than some others I have tried in this price range. The knurling on the handle feels a little rough to me, but the plating is good and the rougher knurl is not uncomfortable and does make the sturdy handle very easy to grip with wet hands. The plating on the handle is good, as is the smooth plating on the baseplate and cap. As for the baseplate, there were noticeable scratches on the inside surface that were obviously there before the plating was applied. They are not visible until the razor is disassembled for cleaning and have no apparent impact on the razor??s performance, but they do suggest lesser attention to quality control than I have found on some other ???value?? razors in this price range. The quality of the shave was adequate, but not as good as what I typically get from my closed-comb razors. This razor produced more irritation despite a lighter touch for the open-comb head. However, I must note that I use closed-comb razors more often than open-comb, so my initial experience with the 209 may have been due as much or even more to my "evolving" open-comb technique than the razor. All things considered, whether you have never used an open-comb razor and want to give one a try, or are an ???open-comb?? veteran looking for a decent little razor to add to your rotation, the West Coast Shaving ???Put A Ring On It?? open-comb DE is a good choice and a real bargain.
Nice Razor
West Coast Shaving Lattice Shave Safety RazorVery cool razor. Looks very manly, yet classy. Not too aggressive of a shave. Well priced.
This razor meets my expectations,
West Coast Shaving Black on Track Safety Razor, Closed Comb.This razor meets my expectations, it is as good as my second razor, which is the Parker 96L. They both are a great value for the money. I tend to only shave once to twice a week, and they do a very good job on a longer and thicker beard. Personally, I prefer the butterfly style to the closed comb.
Decent Razor Overall
West Coast Shaving Black on Track Safety Razor, Open Comb.I was pleased with this razor. It was my first open comb model, and fortunately, I took to it pretty quickly. I soon was having good shaves with it, after a slightly rough first try, which I will attribute to user error. My only complaint is that blade alignment could be a little better, but oddly, this does not stop me from getting good results. I like this razor very much.
great razor
West Coast Shaving Give It A Swirl Safety Razor.this is the fourth double edged razor I've used. this one is as good as the most expensive
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