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Colors Collection by WCS

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Colors Collection by WCS Reviews
Gold and bold
WCS Safety Razor, The Gentleman, Black and Gold The razor arrived quickly and was packaged beautifully. It has a nice heft to it and the balance is pretty good. The gold and black color compliment each other well. West Coast Shaving does it right all the time and know how to take care of their customers.
I love the finish and color scheme of this razor.
WCS Safety Razor, The Patriot, Red/White/Blue This and any other WCS safety razor is well worth the money. They almost make great gifts and my brother loves his. The fit and knurl are well done, and the handling is good.
It’s a keeper!
WCS Safety Razor, The Patriot, Red/White/Blue I ordered this razor for my travel kit. I got tired of packing my razor when I travel. I opened up this razor and immediately liked the balance of this razor. The handle is good and long and the handle is weighted just right for a good shave. Needless to say, this is now my daily razor! I use Derby blades and the combination of the blades and this razor is a good fit for me.
Rating: and true
WCS Safety Razor, The Patriot, Red/White/Blue When I saw this razor on West Coast Shaving I was in awe as to how beautiful the astethics were. From base to top plate the colors and shape of the razor is a head turner. I’ve never had a razor of this caliber(especially the nice color combo) in my shave collection so I was sold as soon as I saw it. For the price of this beautiful piece of work you really can’t beat it. It came packaged beautifully and arrived quick, two things known by West Coast Shaving. When I held the razor in my hand it had a nice balance to it, looks and feels like it’s made of great quality. So if your into a colorful and aesthetically looking razor that won’t break the bank I’m sure you’ll be pleased with this razor.
Teriffic Shave, Great Price
West Coast Shaving Safety Razor, The Gentleman, Black and Gold I am mainly an OC guy, but this razor was so nice looking and inexpensive...and West Coast Shaving sells quality products, I thought why not. Using a GSB blade, I get consistent, close shaves. I almost gave this a four. My particular razor had a burr on the top plate. I tried using a very fine file to remove it, but it broke off, exposing the interior. This is a very small flaw, but I know it will eventually doom the razor. But, great handle, too. Highly recommended.
Good work
Black and Gold Razor
West Coast Shaving Safety Razor, The Gentleman, Black and Gold Arrived sooner than I wexpected and is an excellent shave!
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