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Midnight Safety Razor Collection by WCS

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Midnight Safety Razor Collection by WCS Reviews
The Best!
WCS Midnight Collection Razor 77B, Black Stainless Steel, Closed Comb I have been using safety razors for several years now and up till lately I was using an Edwin Jagger de 86, and a Merkur 34c. I had purchased a couple of accessories from WCS, and decided to try one of your razors. I am really glad I did! The razor is absolutely beautiful! Beyond that though, it is the best razor I have ever used! I can't believe how great the quality of this razor is, and the price is an absolute steal. This guy is more aggressive than your average " beginner" safety razor, but when you have your basic skills down and you use one of these razors you will never use anything else.
Shaving kit
Great Razor, Cool Look
WCS Midnight Collection Razor 88B, Black Stainless Steel, Closed Comb very easy to use, value for the money. this is my second razor and I've been very happy with both.
WCS Midnight Collection Razor 78B, Black Stainless Steel, Open Comb Fantastic razor. The open comb isn't as aggressive as I expected it to be, which was a polite surprise since I use either Feather or KAI blades. On that, the blade is slightly more exposed than I typically prefer, but I still haven't nicked myself once. As a military member, I have to have a very neat shave on a daily basis, and this does the job very well. I now frequently recommend this series to anyone who seems interested.
Compact, heavy handle
WCS Midnight Collection Stainless Steel Black Razor Handle 110B Great handle, very heavy. Very easy to grip.
Nice Razor Head
WCS DE Razor Head, Closed Comb, Black Nice smooth, matte black finish.
Solid elegant handle
WCS Midnight Collection Stainless Steel Black Razor Handle 110B A really hefty handle, used it with my DE89 head (only one compatible for me) and received a BBS shave, the weight makes it really easy to glide through, just try it its good.
Midnight open comb
WCS Midnight Collection Stainless Steel Black Razor Handle 77B I only started wet shaving recently. I had always used a plastic razor, but hardly ever replaced the head because it was too expensive. The first safety razor I bought was a Merkur closed comb. However, it didn’t do a good job of cutting thicker hair. I started looking around and found wcs in my internet wanderings. I saw they had a black (my favorite color) selection at a good price and decided to try a midnight with both an open and closed comb. I received it, loved the open comb, which my husband promptly stole. I then bought another for myself, my nephew going to college and my three siblings. For each razor we give, we include two heads so the recipient can find which version, closed or open, works best for them. I am planning on getting one of these in different finishes for all of our nieces and nephews as they reach an appropriate age. These will last a lifetime, and will help them not waste money as they go to college and are strapped for cash. I love my razor, I actually started enjoying shaving, and am excited to give them to my family. They are heavy, well weighted, work excellently, aren’t too aggressive and are better priced then their inferior cousins of different brands, with better options for finish, and separate heads. I would recommend these to anyone, and will continue to buy them.
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