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Natural Safety Razor Collection by WCS

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Natural Safety Razor Collection by WCS Reviews
WCS Open Comb head
West Coast Shaving DE Razor Head, Open Comb, Chrome Bought this as my first try with open comb razors, having used only closed combs in the past. The chrome finishing is good - not on a par with the beautiful (and expensive) Muhle razors, but at this price it wasn't expected. Overall quality of the razor is also good - no issues with dodgy tooling or blade alignment. I paired the WCS Open Head with their 88S stainless handle for the first shave with this and wasn't disappointed. While this is not considered the most aggressive Open Comb razor, I took a little more care that I normally would and was rewarded with a very nice, close, comfortable shave with no nicks, razor burn or irritation. The fact that I managed this after only two passes shows how efficient the razor is. The only slight knock would be that there is a little more blade overhang at the non-sharpened ends of the razor than I am used to, but not enough to be a major issue. Very happy with this purchase. Highly recommended.
Open comb
Great razor
WCS Natural Collection Razor 38W, Rosewood, Closed Comb This is not a high end razor but you wouldn't know that by it's performance. Good balance and weight combined with a touch of style.
My 1st safety razor
WCS Natural Collection Razor 38W, Rosewood, Closed Comb This is the first safety razor I have ever used (I'm 60), which I purchased mainly because of the wooden handle. I already had a wooden shave stand set which used a fusion cartridge razor end. I was using soap and brush and was getting a pretty decent shave, but the cost was getting out of hand. I had considered getting a safety razor in past and finally pulled the trigger. So far I love it! Seems to be a good weight and after the first totaly irritating shave, I adjusted my techique and have had great shaves ever since. Still in the process of testing blades, using each 4x, but so far no clear winner between Wilkinson, Astra, Pol silver, Personna red, Crystal and Vokshud. All in all I'm very happy with the razor and should have it for quite a while. I would recommend to anyone.
rosewood closed comb razor
West Coast Shaving Natural Collection Razor 38W, Rosewood, Closed Comb Not entirely satisfied with the razor. Some of the chrome has already flaked off the razor.
Excellent when paired
West Coast Shaving Natural Collection Razor 38W, Rosewood, Open Comb I bought the 38W razor, and have been using it as my primary razor. I've tried a few different blades. I've found that this Razor, plus VOSKHOD blades, and Shave Butter (instead of shave creams) has resulted in a far better shave than I ever experienced with cartridges. The weight and handle design of this Razor allow for getting in even those awkward areas without a problem. This is a Razor I will use for years, and will most likely be able to pass on to my children. Great work!
Great razor head. More aggressive
Great razor head. More aggressive than closed comb. Great finish and machining. Very happy with this purchase.
Surprisingly Effective Razor!
I just completed my first shave with this razor, and I will admit that I was very pleasantly surprised. My other daily razors are the Merkur 23C (closed comb) and Merkur 25C (open comb), and the WCS 38WS outperformed them both in terms of closeness of the shave. The WCS 38WS is noticeably heavier than the Merkur razors, due to the more massive guardbar component (the underside of the razor that holds the blade in place against the loadbar (the top of the razor that comprises the open- or closed-comb function). Although the distance in between the razor blade and the guard bar is similar when comparing the WCS38WS to the Merkur 23C, it seems as though the angle of the blade is slightly more aggressive, allowing for closer contact with the skin. This results in a closer shave with less effort. (The Merkur 25C is disappointing in this regard. In spite of the claims that an open-comb razor is more aggressive than a closed-comb razor, the clearance distance between the blade and the guardbar is negligible. It is difficult to get a closeness of shave that rivals a straight razor shave with the 25C.)

The bonus is that the WCS 38WS is about half the cost of either of the Merkur razors, and yet the closeness of shave comes close to that of a straight razor. We'll see, over time, how well the construction of the razor holds up, but my initial sentiment is extremely positive. Well done, West Coast Shaving!
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