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Titanium Safety Razor Collection by WCS

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Titanium Safety Razor Collection by WCS Reviews
Razor Head
WCS Multi Titanium Collection Razor, 78M I received the handle and the razor head was out of stock, once I have the entire razor I will be better able to evaluate.
The razor and the brush
WCS Multi Titanium Collection Razor, 78M The razor and the brush are great, definitely top quality. I would add the razor is a little heavier than normal, but I like that so it is perfect for me. Delivery was quick with no issues
WCS Blue Titanium Collection Razor, 84BL.
WCS Blue Titanium Collection Razor, 84BL GREAT VALUE





Titanium 175
WCS Titanium Collection Multi Head, Closed Comb I really like the the look and the weight. My old razor was 100g and always had to make a lot of extra passes. I still have to make extra passes but not as many. Im giving 4 stars because one side of the blade doesn't lay flat and the head is slightly angled. Maybe thats how its made? otherwise great look, great shave, Awesome price.
GREAT handle
WCS Titanium Collection Razor Handle 78M, Multi Paired this with a vintage silver, open comb head and the results are fantastic. Adds the needed weight to be a remarkable shaver!
Much better than expected..... Nice razor
WCS Titanium Collection Multi Head, Closed Comb I'll be honest, I bought this because I thought that the multi coloring looked pretty cool. Wasn't to concerned if it was a good shaver. If it performed ok, I would have been satisfied for the amount of money that I paid for it. I was quite surprised when I loaded up a blade and got it ready for a shave. Good mildly aggressive feel that was actually pretty smooth and efficient. A 3 pass shave that was DFS, with no nics, cuts or irritation. You have to align the blade up a bit and hold the cap and base so that you have equal exposure on both sides, but other than that not a bad razor or shave at all. Yes, I'm impressed by the overall quality. Not a bad deal here with this offering from WCS. Performs better that what it's worth.......
WCS Razor is Excellent!
WCS Black Titanium Collection Razor, 84BT Having used a relatively mild Feather shaver for a while, I knew that I would have to adjust to this razor. But that didn't take long, as the quality of the head along with the heft of the handle make this a great razor, better than the Mühle head that I also have and is similar. And you can't beat the price!
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