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Vintage Safety Razor Collection by WCS

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Bring a little warmth to your shave with these throw-back handles. These brass utensils give the feel of a shave from days-gone-by, a nice contrast to a world of cold steel and chrome. Eight different handles can be matched with an open or closed comb chrome head. From large and long to short and squat, these handles have something for everyone.

Vintage Safety Razor Collection by WCS Reviews
Beautiful handle
WCS Vintage Collection Brass Razor Handle 78BR This is a very nice, well made, and heavy handle that fits the WCS head well. It does not slip even when soapy and its weight allows the razor to do the work for you. That said, the really important part of any razor is the head: whether it is open or closed and how aggressively the gap between blade and head is constructed. It is also essential that the head holds the blade properly, meaning evenly and consistently. I am less please with the WCS razor head since I do not feel it gives as safe or as comfortable a shave as I have experienced with the Merkur and Edwin Jagger heads. I have a fast growing but only medium heavy beard. When working I must shave daily.
Great product at value one can afford
WCS Vintage Collection Razor Brass Handle 84BR Nice weight to it also well design for nurling can’t beat the value they offer
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