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West Coast Shaving Shave Soaps

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West Coast Shaving Shave Soaps Reviews
Wcs sample pack
WCS Sample Pack Great product. Great price and a great way to sample different scents
Denali no. 9
#9 Denali Shaving Soap Got this shave soap for my husband for Christmas. I’m sure he will love it! It smells great!
Sequoia Review
#14 Sequoia Shaving Soap The performance is amazing, like the rest of the new line. But the scent isn’t what I expected. I was hoping it would be much more earthy and smell like Seqouia/pine trees. It’s sweeter than that. Not a bad scent, but not what I would prefer.
R. Runner Soap
#17 Rum Runner Shaving Soap Out of all the soaps I’ve ever tried, I would say that West Coast Shaving’s new line of soaps are top of the line performance-wise. They are absolutely exceptional performers, thirsty soaps that whip up a rich, thick lather. However, this particular scent isn’t my favorite. It smells a little bit like peanut butter. And although I love peanut butter, I don’t want my soap to smell like it. I have tried this one (R. Runner), Sequoia, and Gatsby. Out of the three, I like the scent of Gastby way more than the others. WCS knocked it out of the park with Gastby. I think Seqouia was improperly named, also. I can’t quite place the smell, but it doesn’t smell like a Sequoia forest. I would prefer it to smell much more earthy and like Seqouia/pine/cedar trees. It’s not even close to either of those.
Nice sampler
WCS Sample Pack I have tried each one and the performance is great and the scents are even better!!
Very effective shave soap
#1 Gatsby Shaving Soap After decades of cartridge razors, I just switched to safety razors and this is my first real shave soap having just used hand soap for 40 years. After about 3 weeks of use, I have yet to nick or cut myself. I find the smell and feel of using this soap quite pleasant. I just lather in the container and apply to face and it works perfectly.
shaving soap review
#14 Sequoia Shaving Soap excellent soap.whips into a nice thick creamy lather with a minimum of time and effort.the smell is subtle and very nice.kind of like a walk in the woods on an autumn day.would definitely recommend this to everyone.
Silk Road
#8 Silk Road Shaving Soap Great smell and a nice lather.
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