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  • Curated set to get off to a great wet shaving start
  • Selected with women shavers in mind
  • 5 items: razor, brush, stand, cream, & blade samples

All the benefits of a wet shave - economical, less irritation, close shave, longer lasting - well, they aren't just for facial hair. Women, too, are getting hooked on this traditional way to shave. And we would hate for anyone to miss out. So, we've curated this set of women's products to get off to a great start with your foray into classic grooming methods.

  • West Coast Shaving Classic Collection Razor 77S, Stainless Steel - We've put our name on a line of safety razors that offer quality workmanship and exceptional design to enhance your traditional shave. This quality-approved stainless steel handle for durability, corrosion resistance, and beauty. The head also has chrome-plating over a zinc alloy base. The 3-piece design is simple to master. This is a slender grooming requisite with a curved handle for grip in wet environments. The curves gives it depth and beauty as well. It is also a longer than average handle (which makes it well-liked by women shavers for those longer strokes over leg instead of chin).
  • Kent Infinity Silvertex Shaving Brush, Cream Handle - To get the protective lather that you need with your new razor, use this Kent brush to whip up a great froth. The Silvertex fibre was developed by Kent to provide a great lather and super soft feel in a synthetic option. The comfortable handle is instantly recognized as classically Kent.
  • Taylor of Old Bond Street Shaving Cream Bowl, Avocado - Use that brush to whip up a lather on this great cream. Taylor of Old Bond Street makes a big line of shaving cream bowl products. Taylor of Old Bond Street Shaving Cream Bowl, Avocado happens to feature a great avocado scent that's less citrusy than a lemon and lime scent, but it still has that fresh kick that makes one almost reflexively think of springtime and, of course, cleanliness. This is great for woman who still want to choose their fragrance for the day as it isn't overpoweringly scented.
  • West Coast Shaving 301 Razor and Brush Stand, Chrome - When your shave is complete, you need a place to dry your new utensils. Use this lovely, chrome stand. The base is properly weighted for stability and includes a foam bottom to keep it from sliding around.
  • Lady's Choice Sample Pack - We have a bunch of female wet shavers on staff and here are some picks for the best blades for legs! Red Personna - a stainless steel blade with platinum-coating, Astra - a platinum-coated blade, Gillette Silver Blue - this hard to find favorite might make the top of your list, Wilkinson - excellent balance of edge quality and comfort, Polsilver - this super iridium blade is sharp and smooth.

Finish your set by grabbing a lather bowl and alum stick, too. Give as a gift or get one for yourself, ladies. Start your wet shaving adventure now!