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Mitchells Wool Fat Set Mitchell's Wool Fat Set
Mitchell's Wool Fat Soap
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One stop and you are done! We have name brand wet shaving sets as well as some of our own curated selections so you can find the perfect all-in-one gift for that special someone. From beginner kits to advanced kits, from travel size to "more than enough" size, you can find the perfect set to meet your gift giving needs.

Gift Shaving Sets Reviews
#17 Rum Runner Shaving Soap & Aftershave Cologne Set Great combo, really like scents, i have two WCS artisan line soaps and both smells even better after first uses. However After shave is even better complements this scent and is very very good to my skin.
Proraso Set
Proraso Set, Menthol and Eucalyptus Great shaving product. Sets up the beard nicely resulting in a smooth shave. Very good value for the relatively inexpensive cost.
My husband loves it 💞💞💞💞
Best Seller Safety Razor Set - Build Your Own My husband loves it ????????
Proraso Set
Proraso Set, Green Tea And Oat This shave kit comes in a convenient tin, great for wrapping as a gift. My husband loves these shaving products as they are perfect for sensitive skin. He started using thee products last year and is now a forever fan!
Crown gift set
Crown Shaving Co. Gift Set Just reviewed this under aftershave. Crown makes an incredible product! Love this stuff and will continue to use. Seems pricey at first but once you try it you Understand!! A little goes a long way. Highly recommend!!
WCS - Build Your Own Kit
WCS Starter Kit - Build Your Own I held off on my reviews because I hadn't had a chance to use my kit(No shave November) but I finally was able to whip out these bad boys and use 'em. For my first safety razor shave, I can't even begin to describe how exciting and also nerve wracking it was for me. I didn't cut myself and my face didn't hurt and didn't become irritated the day after my shave. I purchased the assortment of blades so I can't quite comment on those yet but overall I highly recommend building your own kit. Very versatile!!!
WCS Starter Kit
WCS Starter Kit - Build Your Own I have thick hair and sensitive skin which has caused me problems shaving since I started in high school. I went to electric razors right away to avoid irritation and constant cuts. I have tried multiple brands and different amounts of blades on razors and have never had success. Always stuck to electric which still gives me quite a bit of irritation to get a real close shave due to have to repetitively go over areas.

I found West Coast Shaving on ad on Facebook and decided to look around the website. After finding this kit on sale, I figured why not for the price. I have purchased electric razors twice this price. The shipping took a week right after thanksgiving when I bought it, which I thought was pretty good for around the holidays. The product was packaged very well and each item was in its own box.

My very first time using a safety razor and I was amazed how easy it was. I was able to lather the soap pretty easily, and just followed the angle the razor head has. I could even hear it cut through my neck hair, which it did with ease. There was no pulling, tugging, and I only had 1 tiny cut on my neck after I was done. Which stopped bleeding by the time I was done rinsing my face off. I am very satisfied with this product and will never use any other razor to shave. I am actually happy about shaving with this kit rather than being annoyed. I also go the stand to go with and it looks great on my sink in the bathroom. Being just a "starter" kit, I cant imagine how nice it would be to have a "high quality" safety razor. Thank you WCS for saving my face from terrible shaves!
Great starter kit.
WCS Black Straight Razor Set - Build Your Own I already have owned a Dovo straight razor, a strop, and a badger brush from art of shaving. I have to say the quality of all these items exceeds that of what I already had and at a much better value. I am thoroughly impressed with this set and highly recommend it as an entry level straight razor shaving set up.
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