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WhollyKaw Aftershave & Shave Soap

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WhollyKaw Aftershave & Shave Soap Reviews
WhollyKaw King of Oud
WhollyKaw Tallow and Donkey Milk Shaving Soap, King of Oud This soap successfully creates a thick and slick barrier for shaving that does not leave my skin feeling tight as drugstore soaps do. It also has eliminated the occasional nicks and burns I would get in tricky spots, particularly my jawline. It is definitely not the cheapest soap for shaving, but I see where my money is going. And it's not going out the window.

As far as the scent, but I did initially find it off-putting. It isn't bad as if it were rancid or offensive, but oud is not a familiar scent to me. Over time I have gotten used to it and grown to appreciate it. Noses are individual and subjective, so I wouldn't criticize the soap for its smell even if I didn't get accustomed to it.

Overall my experience with WhollyKaw has shown they have succeeded in making a natural, effective, and skin-friendly soap. Thank you, WhollyKaw, for doing what you do. I will be using more of your products in the future.
Smells like licorice.
WhollyKaw Tallow and Donkey Milk Shaving Soap, Man from Mayfair Post shave feel, lather consistency etc is very good. Smell is a bit odd I must say,
Excellent Soap
WhollyKaw Tallow and Donkey Milk Shaving Soap, King of Oud The soap is not short of quality in all aspects. Superb cushion and outstanding skin feeling after 3 passes. My only complaint will be that the soap is a little thirsty. It needs lots of water and the scent is very strong which is a plus if you like your soaps with strong aroma like myself. I have to say that the scent is the type of love it or hate it. You been warned!

J Herrera
One of the Best!
WhollyKaw Tallow and Donkey Milk Shaving Soap, King of Oud This scent is mid strong off the puck. The ingredients create a rich and thick lather. I highly recommend this soap.
Wholly Kaw
WhollyKaw Tallow and Donkey Milk Shaving Soap, Man from Mayfair Wholly Kaw what a great soap it loads fast, has terrific cushion,and very slick with a lot of residule slickness. It is some what costly but IMHO it is worth the price.
A great buy
Great A/S Splash for the summer......
WhollyKaw After-Shave Splash, Jamestown Gentleman "Really nice and just a bit of the brace effect once you apply. Soothing and cooling, but not super mentholated. Nice tingle and a very nice scent, semi-sweet, with a light flowery scent. Masculine and a great finish to a shave. Classic, simple glass bottle and packaging. Nicely done. Would recommend to anyone......
Really good stuff
WhollyKaw After-Shave Splash, Jamestown GentlemanThis is a really nice aftershave. It smells delightful even before the bottle is open, and after splashing it (generously) on myself it smells fairly strong for about an hour and then I get hints of it throughout the day. The bottle is nice (glass is great). I would give this 4.5 stars if I could because I'm not a fan of the super-cooling menthol this aftershave has, but 4.5 rounds up to 5 so there you go.
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