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    Are you traveling somewhere? Are you trying to lessen the space in your luggage without missing out on a few essential items? With Geo F Trumper Sandalwood Hair and Body Wash, 200ml, you no longer have the hassle of bringing a separate shampoo and soap with you because it cleans your hair and body at the same time. It is conveniently packaged in a plastic bottle and comes in the classic, soft, woody, milky, and warm scent from Geo F Trumper Sandalwood Cologne, leaving your hair and skin feeling smooth, silky, and smelling great after every bath.

    Lather the wash all over your scalp and body, and relish in the scent of citrusy bergamot and lemon and floral notes of jasmine, carnation, geranium, and rose. After a long, stressful day at work, this wash has a relaxing effect with its essential oils of lavender and the sweet fragrance of vanilla mixed with amber in it. Rinse thoroughly with water after every use.

    Size: 200ml

    Made in England

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