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Karve Shaving's commitment to excellence shines through in every aspect of their shaving products, including their Safety Razor inkwell stand. Crafted from high-quality 303 stainless steel, this stand features a sophisticated design that complements the aesthetics of Karve's stainless steel tools. Its inkwell style provides both elegance and functionality, offering a simple yet effective solution for storing and drying your safety razor after each use. With a bead-blasted matte finish and passivated treatment for durability, this stand ensures longevity while showcasing the beauty of your shaving tool.

The attention to detail is evident in the knurled, guilloche-style design of the base, mirroring the handle of Karve's safety razor for a cohesive aesthetic appeal. Inspired by the precision of watchmaking techniques, this stand exudes sophistication and charm. With an inside diameter of approximately 12.3mm, it perfectly accommodates a 12mm handle, providing a secure and stable resting place for your razor. Designed and manufactured entirely in Canada, this razor stand reflects Karve Shaving's dedication to quality craftsmanship and elevating the shaving experience for discerning wet shavers worldwide.

  • SKU: OP-KAR-002
  • Brand: Karve Shaving Co.
  • Type: Shaving Stand

Karve Shaving Co. Stainless Steel Razor Stand

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