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    • A natural pre/after shave emulsion from Alt-Innsbruck
    • No paraffin or silicone
    • Made in Austria


    This emulsion is ideal for gentlemen who are searching for a natural product that is light on the face.

    Alt-Innsbruck Pre- and Aftershave Emulsion contains wheat germ oil, menthol, camphor, and Lanolin wax, but it does not contain any paraffin and silicone. The combination of these natural ingredients creates a nourishing layer that keeps your face relaxed and soft for a long time. In addition, it also defends against wind, cold air, and other harmful external elements. You can apply it before and after shaving. Just take two drops of this balm and massage it on dry skin. Let the emulsion sit for a minute before dampening your face with cold water. It will protect, sooth, and moisturize.

    • It will keep your skin smooth and prevent it from acquiring nasty irritations or burns.
    • It will cool, sooth, and exert an antiseptic effect.
    • It will clean your skin and keep it moisturized
    • It is non-greasy and will absorb quickly.

    It is scented with the classic Alt-Innsbruck fragrance. The classic sweet tobacco and mint notes have pleased generations of wet shavers. The original formula is unchanged since 1953.

    Made in Austria

    SHIPPING RESTRICTIONS: The amount of alcohol that is found in this product is prone to potential shipping dangers. This means that the company will limit its delivery system via ground transportation. Refunds will be provided to foreign shoppers who have ordered this product. However, the item will not be shipped to them. Locals from the Mainland USA can receive their orders, but it will be sent through ground transport services only. Make sure that you choose either FedEx Home or FedEx Ground before you check out.

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