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20% Off All WCS Branded Products!
20% Off All WCS Branded Products!

D.R. Harris Lavender Shaving Cream Bowl


If you think lavender is a feminine scent, think again. It's really quite masculine and, when you're trimming or shaving, you'll find the D.R. Harris Lavender Shaving Cream Bowl will give you a great feeling. Lavender is not only masculine enough for those who really like a manly man scent, it's also soothing and relaxing.

Not only will your soap smell like a warm spring day, your face will be elated. This great option has a lot of glycerin in it, which protects your face against abrasion and also tends to lock in moisture. There's nothing like patchy, damaged flesh to ruin a good shave, but this soap keeps it at bay. If you really want to make sure your hygiene doesn't end with sticking pieces paper on your face to clog the nicks, this is a good solution. The D.R. Harris product requires a great brush, another way to make your ritual more refined. Keep your skin healthy and you'll love waking up to a great ritual that leaves feeling fresh and clean, not raw and irritated.

Size: 150g

Made in England.