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    • Disposable blade straight razor from Dovo
    • Black plastic handle
    • Blue aluminum head holds one of two blade holders

    From the legendary land of Solingen, Germany comes blades and razors worthy of the master craftsmen who produce them. Dovo is upholding this legacy with their great grooming products. But before you invest in a one-of-a-kind straight razor work of art, you might want to try out this replaceable blade (shavette) option. Try Dovo Shavette Straight Razor, Blue with Black Handle.

    This economical choice is a great way to try straight razor shaving without investing a lot of money. By using a disposable blade, there is no cost and time spent stropping and honing. Crafted from blue aluminum, this is an eye-catching razor that shaves like a straight so you can hone your routine, without having to hone your blade. Put your blade choice into one of two included blade holders and slide into the razor head. You'll be shaving in no time!

    Included with this razor is one clear and one black holder:

    • Clear Holder - uses a standard double edge blade, split in two.
    • Black Holder - The black holder has a specialty blade that is similar to a double edge blade, but longer. Get them here.

    Made in Germany

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