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    • Newly designed safety razor
    • 3-piece
    • Gleaming, chrome plated

    Retro, throwback, traditional. . . classic. Whatever you call them, the products coming out of Mr. Fine's kitchen are sure to soothe your vintage soul (and your skin). Since 2006, Todd Cerami (aka Mr. Fine) has been producing exceptional shaving requisites. And he has even branched out to include exceptional hardware as well. Try this Fine "Marvel" Safety Razor.

    Taking the traditional safety razor and scrutinizing every aspect, led Fine Accoutrements to create a safety razor that is truly a marvel of engineering. Made of precision molded, zinc alloy with chrome electroplating, this razor is ecomonical and balanced. But the goal of an efficient shaver has not gone unattended. The aggressively arched blade rises almost a full millimeter over the safety bar. But it is surprisingly comfortable and astonishingly efficient. Reviewers rave about the ease of use and how quickly it mows down multiple days of growth.

    This three-piece, all metal safety razor will take most DE blades. And leave you with an close, comfortable shave.


    • Weight - 3.3oz,
    • Height - 3.425"

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