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    • Very smooth, sharp blade for the classic shave you want
    • Fits Cobra Classic, Kai Straight, and Huntlee Katana Safety razors
    • Titanium coated blades are more durable than conventional DE blades so they last longer

    The heart of a good shave, whether disaposable, DE, or straight, is a good blade. Razor blades can make or break the groom that you are looking for. And they are often a very subjective experience. But there are some blade makers that stand head and shoulders above the rest. KAI is one of them. Coming out of an 800 year tradition of Japanese blade making, KAI brings the sharpest, smoothest blades to the market with KAI Captain Titan Mild Refill, Straight Blade.

    This pack of blades is created with PINK (Plasma Ion New process by KAI) technology. This innovative blade hardening makes the blade 2.8 times harder than conventional blades. This gives a more accurate edge for superior performance. The steel is also coated with titanium for durability in the cutting edge and finished with a special resin coating for a smooth, skin-friendly shave.

    These 20 blades fit Cobra Classic, Kai Straight, and Huntlee Katana Safety razors.

    Compare these to your favorite and see why KAI's motto is "to more people, better products"!

    Size: 20 pack

    Made in Japan

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