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  • Traditional Shaving brush
  • Synthetic or Two-band badger hair
  • Ruby red handle

Check out these brushes from Yaqi! With Yaqi, you get a great price, wonderful selection, and good quality.

This brush is loaded with either white synthetic or two band badger hair. The synthetic option is known to be a great latherer, easy to care for, and less expensive. The black fibers with white tips is known as tuxedo. Two-band badger is a natural hair that whips up a phenomenal lather with a firm backbone and great face feel. The two-bands are black/dark brown with lighter tips.

This handle is a translucent red resin with a solid red band at the top. It gleams like a precious stone. Add a pop of color to your black & white shaving den or just express your fiery personality with this brush.

Choose from tuxedo or two-band badger from the drop-down menu.

  • Handle material: Resin
  • Brush knot diameter: 24MM (+/-1mm)
  • Loft size: 52MM (+/-1mm)
  • Handle height: 66MM (+/-1mm)

  • SKU: SB-YAQ-039
  • Type: Shaving Brush

Yaqi Ruby Handle Shaving Brushes

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