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    • Quality talc powder from Taylor of Old Bond Street
    • Scented with Mr. Taylor, masculine & distinguished
    • Made in England

    Here's a product that's great for your skin and that has the appeal of something that's been in use for literally hundreds of years. Taylor of Old Bond Street Talc, Mr. Taylor is made to the most exacting standards. This 100g bottle of the product is made in England and provides you with protection against some of the hazards that can make your skin really look bad when it should look great. Chaffing, dryness, and other issues can be kept at bay with just a light dusting of this, and you'll be glad you have it on those hot, sweaty days.

    This is one of those items that have so many uses that it's hard to list them all. Whether you need to freshen up your shoes, prevent chafing in other places, or have other needs, this is a quality item that can help. It's got the Mr. Taylor scent, which is very sophisticated and definitely gentlemanly.

    *Also available in Eton College and Sandalwood scents.

    Size: 100g / 3.5oz

    Made in England.

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